Welcome to Our Mental Health Rocks!
We are Julie and James - Well-Being professionals on a mission to revolutionise the Mental Health understanding.
Our Mental Health Rocks are dedicated to helping children, youth and adults explore and embrace their resilience, well-being and potential. Our message is grounded in giving you the roots to grow and wings to fly.
We have created The Our Mental Health Rocks Method, which forms the base for our school curricula, our shorter Ambassador programme for those who wish to help in their local community and our parent, teacher, school and workplace programmes that are growing in reach and impact daily. We have been featured on ITV and BBC Radio and have received fantastic feedback from teaching professionals, parents, children in schools and from both employers and employees in the workplace

We share an innovative program in schools, community groups, 1-2-1 with families and in the workplace, where we see positive change in the following areas:

Improve concentration, behaviour, relationships with others, decision-making, and overall emotional well-being.

Enhanced ability to navigate the experience of life, struggles and challenges.

Increased awareness of self-efficacy and self-regulation.

Improves well-being and the reciprocal benefit for academic/professional and personal success.

A greater sense of self-awareness and confidence.

Our program is delivered by certified Our Mental Health Rocks facilitators worldwide! We invite you to come and join us!

What we love
  • Skill #1 Julie thinks she is hilarious .... what do you think? 89% 89%
  • Skill #2 Humour and passion for OMHR go hand in hand 95% 95%
  • Skill #3 James thinks he is a pirate at times ... watch out for the photo 85% 85%

The Ant and Dec of the Mental Health world! These two bring light heartedness, compassion and an unshakable understanding of mental health (not illness!) to the world. Their training is delivered in a laid-back, professional and accessible way with plenty of opportunity to engage and ask questions. I cannot wait to start delivering this training and feel very fortunate to be a part of the OMHR movement

Jo Smith

I have done the professional practitioner training with OMHR. Their ability to see the health in children is remarkable . They have an infectious ( in a good way!) way of being that is fun and inspiring . The ultimate aim is always to help children and I can highly recommend any of their work. With love and thanks Janet
Janet Hill

Thank you both for making your training fun, light hearted with your professionalism, experience and full of love from you both. I got a huge sense of being and continually being a part of OMHR now and excited about having this resource to help these young people x it’s also great to all laugh whilst training as must in life ! With love back at you both xx
Claire Stilling

I really enjoyed the OMHR Professional Program and training, delivered with knowledge, approachability and passion. That passion most certainly rubs off on you. I‘ve started applying the principles of the program in my own life and with my six year old but can’t wait to run sessions in the community and in schools. My biggest positive about OMHR so far is the genuine support and sense of team...something that is invaluable as a self employed individual.
Nicola Mainwaring

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