You weren’t put on this planet to have to manage your anxiety, stress etc etc…

by | May 6, 2022 | Blog

Why are we still being told to “manage” our anxiety?
Or whatever label it is that we get given that slots us nicely into a box where someone can “fix” us?

Aren’t you bored of managing it?
Coping with it?

Do you have a head full of techniques and fixes that you have to trawl through every time you feel that label coming on?

When you talk about your label does your sentence contain the words
“I’m managing it”
“I’m learning how to live with it”
“I’m coping”

Who the hell wants to do any of the above?

I bloody didn’t

I wanted to learn what’s actually going on when I got anxious
I wanted to know why I was experiencing my circumstance one way and yet everyone else around me wasn’t

Ring any bells?

I sure as hell did not want to be “managing” it for the rest of my life

So I didn’t

And I don’t

Because I’ve seen that it’s a heads up from my amazing mental health system that I’m not seeing things clearly

Its no longer an invitation to turn to page number twenty bloody two and practice technique 17.4

How about we put the books down
And start tuning into what we have supporting us already?

Can you relate to this?
I’d love to know



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