Nigel’s Success

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Blog

Meet Nigel.
He joined one of our programmes for support with his phobia. Here is his story of success!

Overcoming overwhelm

My Fear of heights has been around for a while… Maybe years!
It seemed to get worse in the last few years.
Not sure why.
Age maybe or recent life experiences probably!
Social Media pressure doesn’t help

”Just Do it! Oh… yes! Because it looks that easy to me!”
Let’s try Facebook, can my friends help? My partner… Does he really get it?
Not sure folk fully appreciate my anxiety on that front.
Read books, read more books, more techniques. Even tried Hypnotherapy!
What can fix it?
Further delving in to this was exhausting….did I need a different approach?
That’s when James and Jules stepped in!
“Stop focusing on that. Explore yourself and your well-being” they said!
Of course I was sceptical! But I went with it. One thing was to focus on the now and not what might happen.
“I have two legs! I can walk. It’s a bridge that’s all.”
So thinking positively and having positive conversations with friends was the new mantra.
No room left for folk draining my energy. It’s what I want and need that’s important and of benefit to me.
Yes ME. Just now.
So tried a few views, a few bridges, appreciating experiences sharing with friends and my partner.
Once I’d done it I even walked to the top of the cliff above the damn bridge I had just crossed. I had come this far. I can go further. I was on a roll.

It felt good. I felt proud. I smiled. I actually enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it.
So am I cured?
I don’t think so. But I don’t think James and Jules were trying to cure this in isolation and I think that’s the point. It’s about appreciating what happens at that precise moment. I kinda just went with it.
I felt much less anxious, worried and kinda stopped thinking about the heights thing and just ready to experience the event.
I suppose you could apply this to most things.
Chatting to Julie and James (and it is a chat) A few videos to watch and a bit of self reflection.
That sounds simple doesn’t it! Well not if you have conditioned yourself to think one way for years!
James said to me at the start. “ I want you to forget what you have learnt and come in to this programme with a fresh mind. It took me a few months to get there. But I think I have learnt something here. About myself maybe. About thinking about my next life journey.
Yes I have days I am anxious. But I feel that’s ok now. Days I am happy reading a book for 2 hours and not feeling guilty.

Thank you


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