Ambassador Programme


The Our Mental Health Rocks Ambassador Programme.
❤️A super simple method that helps adults to support the emotional development of children, so they can grow feeling confident, resilient, and super self-aware!
🌈In the training, we share the Our Mental Health Rocks Method, how this method positively impacts children, and how you can share it with fun and ease!
❤️We have parents, teachers, support workers, professionals, and nannies from around the world all using our method.
🌈The method has been taught in classrooms across the UK, Middle East, Asia, and Canada.
❤️You will have access to our handbook, lesson plans, and supporting materials, and we also have a private Facebook group for our Ambassadors to ask questions and connect with one another.
Included in the ambassador programme:
Private Facebook support group.
3 x Core Training videos.
3 x Additional training videos.
(all pre-recorded so you can watch in your own time)
4 x Lesson plans to use in the home/school/community that deliver our messages in a fun and interactive way.
1 x Activity workbook that supports the lessons.
1 x Daily mindset journal.
Everything is delivered as a PDF download for you to save and print out and work through and we are on hand to answer any questions.
Once you complete the training you will be able to help young people understand:
• Mental health is a normal part of daily life, like physical health.
• We are all born with mental health.
• Mental health is not our emotions.
• The superpowers/systems we have because of our mental
• Understanding where their feelings and emotions come from.
• Understanding the nature of their feelings and emotions.
• Understanding how our feelings and emotions can impact
how we experience our mental health.
• Understanding we all work in exactly the same way.
• Understanding that our state of mind can affect our
judgement and decision making.
• Understanding that people feel things differently.
• Understanding the nature of our thoughts.


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