Nurturing Teen Minds Curriculum


This program is perfect for you if –
🌟 You would like to start regular workshops with young people by following a structured set of Our Mental Health Rocks lessons.
🌟 You are already mentoring or supporting youth but you would like access to a range of lesson plans to follow.
🌟 You would like to share an evidence-based understanding to support youth within your community.
💕The program comes with ten core lessons, as well as bonus lessons that have been requested
🌈A private Facebook group for all professional facilitators so you can share knowledge, stories and success when delivering the workshops.


Nurturing Teen Minds Curriculum age 11/17
Our ten lesson curriculum is designed to be delivered weekly over a school term.
What can you expect from the professional program training?
Lots of laughs with myself and James while learning to deeply connect with the young people
you will be supporting.
A light-hearted exploration of our simple yet impactful Method shared in a fun and relaxed way.
We have found from numerous previous training we have delivered that those who join us get
so much more from the training when we all come from the same place – a mutual exploration.
In the training you will be exploring:
✨ Who we are
✨ How life works
✨The thought/feeling connection
✨ Wisdom and its role in our life
✨ Self-esteem, self-belief and self-worth
✨ Bumps in the road and how we can creatively navigate them.
✨ Resilience
✨ Healthy relationships.
✨ Bullying from an inside out perspective
✨ Our innate ability to thrive
We have created some amazing lesson plans around all of the above so you can deliver fun and engaging sessions with children within your community.
All training is delivered in various forms so you can get the most out of it, no matter your preferred learning style.
We will provide you with:
A full manual that includes the core objectives of The Our Mental Health Rocks Method.
Group zoom recorded training.
Lesson plans in video, transcription and pdf form.
Bonus sessions to deepen your understanding.
A private Facebook support group.
You will be able to deliver the curriculum in a group or 121 settings.
You will be able to incorporate it with your own programs with the credit given.
You will be able to use this in your own coaching business.
We look forward to having you join us.


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