Everything comes from the inside

by | Apr 2, 2022 | Blog

When the weather is like this ⛄️
Each and every one of us KNOWS that wearing extra clothes keeps us warm
Not because it changes the temperature on the outside
Because it changes the temperature on the INSIDE
Everything we ever do
All the actions we ever take
Always, ALWAYS comes from the inside
How cool is that?
We don’t need to change the outside to change our experience!
In times of cold weather, we know to use our internal radiators to keep ourselves warm!
We don’t walk in the cold wafting a hot water bottle at the snow until it stops or warms up!
We know that will never work!
All the helpful stuff comes from the inside
Imagine how much lighter life could be
If we followed life from the inside out
Rather than the outside in?
Where do you see this in your world?


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