Are your choices setting you up to fail?

by | Apr 2, 2022 | Blog

How do the choices we make set us up to fail?
Choice 1 – Choosing by limitation – we make choices from what seems to be our only option, what seems possible, or what seems reasonable.
What we don’t realise is that we are the ones creating the limitation. We create a full set of rules that we live our lives by and from, making it look as though we have no other choices, we are restricted. The invisible binds sure are strong and the longer we live under their conditions the more real they look.
Take a moment-look around you, I bet if you stop and look you will see that others do not live under the same circumstances, now, of course, our imaginative mind will quickly come up with lots of reasons why the others do not follow the same rules, probably with a good dose of judgment dolloped on top yet the truth remains if a limitation stops one person and it is only the limitation that is the cause of the restrictions then that limitation must have the same result of others.
Yet it doesn’t. Why? because WE are the creators of our reality, our rules, our judgments, our beliefs, our binds, of our life.
THIS is great news. If you can create one set of thinking around a subject, you can create another, my guess is you already have over many things, many times.
I mean imagine if Bella didn’t know she had the full garden to play in and thought she had to stay in the pot 😉
So take a look at your life right now, where do you look stuck? what else is possible? Get curious and if you want some help to look deeper let me know.
Your life is waiting for you to live it fully, when are you going to start?
Love Jules xx


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